Safety & Access

Inspection and Safe Use of Harnesses Course

3 Hours
All operatives, supervisors and managers required to use & inspect harnesses
Overall Objectives:
To provide both theoretical and practical knowledge to attendees on how to inspect harnesses and work methods to be used in the safe use of safety harnesses.
  • Introduction
  • Background to the requirement to use safety harnesses
  • Relevant Regulations and HSE advice
  • Risk assess the need to use a harness
  • How to inspect and wear a full body safety harness and lanyard.
  • Safe anchor points for fall arrest equipment.(Theory)
  • Inspection of other fall arrest equipment (Inertia reel etc.)
  • HSE and client enforcement of use of safety harnesses
  • Practical inspection and wearing of safety harness
  • Question session
  • Theory test paper
Certificate of Training to all those who complete the course to a satisfactory standard
A maximum of 15 persons to attend

Course Schedule