Safety & Access

HAKI Stair Tower Training Course

Half day
Scaffolders that are required to erect, alter and dismantle genuine HAKI Stair towers in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Overall Objectives:
To give the attendees such knowledge and practical experience so as to enable them to safely erect, alter and dismantle HAKI Stair Towers.
  • shutterstock_24251401Work at Height Regulations
  • NASC SG4 Requirements
  • Configurations of stair tower
  • Regulations and Codes of Practice • Stability of stair towers
  • Ties and stability
  • Cause of accidents associated with stair towers
  • Safe use of stair towers
  • Loadings on stair towers
  • Understanding manufacturer’s instructions
  • Practical erect, and dismantle of stair tower scaffold • Practical test
  • Knowledge test
Safety and Access Ltd certificate of training. (Endorsed by HAKI)

Course Schedule