Safety & Access

Gin Wheel & Rope Use & Inspection

3 Hours
Operatives involved in the operation and use of Gin Wheels.
Overall Objectives:
To give the attendees such practical and theoretical knowledge to enable the candidate to use and inspect a Gin Wheel/Rope in accordance with all statutory regulations, guidance notes and the manufacturers instructions.
  • Relevant Health & Safety Regulations
  • Personal Protective Equipment Requirements
  • Manual Handling
  • Inspection of Gin Wheel & Rope
  • Safety in the use of Gin Wheel & Rope
  • Safe Positioning whilst using a Gin Wheel & Rope
  • Selection of correct knots for various loads
  • Identify hazards and risks arising from the use of Gin Wheel & Rope
  • Practical exercise
  • Question paper
Safety and Access Ltd certificate of training

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