Safety & Access

CISRS Overseas Scaffolder (Level Three)

Tube & Fitting or System Scaffolding

Course Schedule

Five Days
Delegates must complete the CISRS Level 2 Overseas Scaffolder 5 day course and have held the card for at least 6 months. Training can be carried out at an approved centre or on client’s sites. (Renewed every 5 years)
Overall Objective:
To give the attendees such knowledge and skills to enable them to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding structures of an intermediate complexity in traditional tube and fitting and common system scaffolds. Level 3 Scaffolders should only carry out the erection and dismantling of scaffold structures covered within course. They are competent to work as part of a team, but must not lead operations if the work is outside the scope of the training, adequate direct supervision is required at all times.

  • International Best Practice
  • International Performance Standards
  • Designed Scaffolds
  • Components/Materials recognition
  • Manual Handling (SG6)
  • Fall Prevention (SG4)
  • Foundations/Integrity and stability (Bracing & Ties)
  • Access & Egress


  • Bridging with Beams (Independents)
  • Simple Cantilever (from the independent access scaffold)
  • Lifting Frame
  • Splay/Radial
  • Practical/Theory Test
CISRS Overseas Scaffolder Certificate of Training and Scheme Card
Translator required if instructor cannot speak the language.
Six Months site experience is requiring following the course before the learner can proceed to L4 training.
Learners to attend training with Safety Harness & Lanyard, boots, hardhat, level, tape, spanners/hammer
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