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CISRS Overseas Scaffold Training Scheme (OSTS) – Nepal


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Address: AECOR Nepal Pvt. Ltd./Safety & Access Ltd Hattigauda, P.O.Box. 732, Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal is a Sovereign state located in South Asia with a population of approximately 27 million people. Kathmandu is the capital and largest municipality of Nepal. Around 2 million Nepalese people work abroad with many of these in the construction industry.

A key part of the construction process is work at height and particularly the safe and efficient erection and dismantle of scaffolding. As one of the world’s leading providers of scaffolding related training Safety and Access are very proud to have a partnership with Aecor in Kathmandu and the CISRS Accredited Training facility located in the capital.

Outside CISRS Accredited Scaffold Training Centre


The training facility offers scaffolder skills training along with scaffolding supervisor and inspection training. There are also plans to further enhance and expand the support services in the future.



The accredited training centre is equipped with a large high level practical area for scaffolder training along with excellent classrooms. Its facilities include accommodation and catering along with fantastic welfare facilities including shower. Full time security is also resent on site for the welfare of the trainees and their belongings etc.  Scaffolding materials at the centre are primarily tube and fitting however Cuplok System scaffold is also stocked and available for training.

CISRS Accredited Scaffolding Training is available NOW as follows:

Scaffolder Skills Training – Level 1 – 5 Day Course 

Scaffolder Skills Training – Level 2 – 5 Day Course

Cuplok System Scaffolding SSPTS – 2 Day Course

Scaffolding Supervisor – 3 Day Course 

Basic Scaffolding Inspection – 3 Day Course. 

CISRS Overseas Advanced Scaffold Inspection – 2 Day

All CISRS qualifications result in the issue of a photo ID card and certificate. These are valid for 5 YEARS from date of issue.


Work at height and scaffolding related consultancy services

Scaffold audits

Systems of work audits to assess levels of safety & quality Scaffold materials review to assess standards, suitability and maintenance. Design review of scaffolds to assess suitability and conformance with recognised standards. Training Standard review for scaffolding operatives and client representatives involved in scaffolding operations. Risk assessment review to assess suitability and to make recommendations where appropriate on industry best practice. Scaffolding management and supervisory assistance to review systems of work and measurement of efficiency. Review of inspection procedures for scaffolding operations, scaffolding materials and handover and subsequent dismantle of scaffolding structures. Work at height review of safety procedures for scaffolders whilst erecting and dismantling scaffolding and adherence to industry best practice.


Scaffold inspections

Initial inspections and handover following completion of the scaffold. Periodic inspection of scaffolding structures to provide assurance of safety, stability and quality.


Accident investigation assistance

Assistance with investigations of accidents and near misses involving work at height incidents including scaffolding and general work at height operations. Accident recommendations and follow up regarding investigation to determine primary cause, recommendations to prevent reoccurrence and effect of preventative measures.

Scaffolding specification & standards

Assistance with development of scaffolding related procedures and standards to be applied to the workplace.