Safety & Access

CISRS Overseas Advanced Scaffold Inspection

Course Schedule

2 days

This course is intended for persons responsible for inspecting and checking scaffolds for safe use and for signing certificates and registers in accordance with statutory and local regulations. Attendance of 12 learners per course.

Overall Objective:

Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS)

The overall aim is to develop in delegates an understanding of the appropriate local safety regulations and the ability to interpret design specifications technical requirements when inspecting complex/design scaffolding structures.


At the end of the training the learner will be able to:

  • Interpret Scaffold design drawings for inspection purposes and will be able to inspect, and record the findings of such an inspection for:
    • A Basic Design Scaffold
    • Two-Way Shore
    • Raking Shore
    • Dead Shore
    • Slung scaffold
    • Staircase scaffold
    • Temporary Roofs
    • Truss-out scaffold
    • Temporary ramps
    • Cantilever drop
  • Competence is measured by multi choice examination and practical scaffold inspection examination
Successful delegates will receive an Overseas Scaffolder Level 1 Certificate of Training and Record Card. (Renewed every 5 years)
Translator required if instructor cannot speak the language.
Six Months site experience is required before the learner can proceed to L2 training.
Learners to attend training with Safety Harness & Lanyard, boots, hardhat, level, tape, spanners/hammer
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